Spring 2017: Roast Battle and Beaten Frogs!

March highlights!

I journeyed over to England to partake in my first ever Gong format shows; after lasting less than a minute at the Comedy Store London (MAN they didn’t enjoy me), I then lasted the whole five minutes at the Comedy Store Manchester before losing the clap-off, and finally winning the whole shebang at Beat The Frog at the Frog and Bucket in Manchester.  I’d never before performed in Manchester and I look forward to going back.


That frog mask smelled awful. I didn't have the courage to put it on.

Beat the Frog winner.


On March 23, Ryan Cullen and I launched Ireland’s first Comedy Roast Battle.  The night was a great success with some brutal battles and a wonderful crowd.  We’ll be making a series of these and are already organizing the next one – like the Facebook page to stay up to date!  We’ll be posting the video highlights on that page as well.  (What’s a roast battle, you say?  Read on!)


Roast Battle Dublin