September 2016: Vodafone Comedy Carnival announcement!

Hey err’body,

Delighted to announce I’ll be part of the Vodafone Comedy Carnival in Galway this year. I’m doing a couple sets there but none more exciting than Sunday night, where I’ll be supporting the brilliant Tom Rhodes (along with Joanne McNally and Danny O’Brien).

Before that I’ve a guest spot at the Komedia in Brighton – I’ve heard so many good things about this room, can’t wait to see it for myself.

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Upcoming Gigs:

  • 31 August: LOL @ Anseo, Camden St, Dublin
  • 2 September: Roisin Dubh Comedy Clubh, Galway, Ireland
  • 3 September: International Comedy Club, Dublin
  • 4 September: The Comedy Crunch, Dublin
  • 5 September: Pop The Cherry Comedy, Whelan’s, Dublin
  • 11 September: Not Quite Mass, Workman’s Club, Dublin
  • 20 September: Trinity College Law Society Debate, Dublin
  • 22 September: Komedia, Brighton, England
  • 26 September: The Comedy Crunch, Dublin
  • 4 October: The Comedy Crunch, Dublin
  • 14 October: Roisin Dubh Comedy Clubh, Galway, Ireland
  • 20-22 October: The Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 29-30 October: Vodafone Comedy Carnival, Galway, Ireland
  • 3-5 November:  The Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 10-12 November: International Comedy Club, Dublin
  • 14 November: The Laughter Shed, The Woolshed Bar & Grill, Dublin
  • 18-19 November: Chaplin’s Comedy Club, Dublin