March 29 2016

Hey everybody!

Even though the Irish election seems long ago, it’s worth noting that a) they still have not, as yet, established a government and b) I had an absolute blast doing some bits on it for Newstalk FM’s Breakfast Show.  You can hear all of the segments here, if you’re interested.  All I’m hoping for now is that they fail to form a government so that they have to have another election and I’ll get to repeat the gigs.  That’s right, I’m rooting for a temporary failure of the proportional representation election model to further my own opportunities, just like any good capitalist would.

I have a really cool slate of gigs lined up for April; hope to see you out there.

Also: I have a Facebook page now – why don’t you give that a ‘like’?   It’s where I’ll be posting gig updates and small video clips.  It’s inspiringly named Jim Elliott – Comedian.


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