November 2015: Ten Years In.

So every once in a while people ask me how long I’ve been doing comedy, and my standard answer for a few years has been, “I don’t know, six, eight years?”  Last week it struck me that I went down to my first open mic ever in November of 2005, so I’ve officially been at this for a full decade.  I’m as shocked as you are.

In honor of the occasion, I dug up the MySpace blog archive that they emailed me when they deleted all their blogs.  This is the blog I published to MySpace nine years ago, to celebrate a year of performing at open mic nights:

"He's been doing this for ten years?  You'd think he'd be funnier."

(I also appear to be pretty excited that my MySpace blog has had 2,000 hits.  Pretty generous of MySpace to call ‘pageviews’ ‘readers’.)

Anyway, back to the present: This weekend is the wonderful Beatles Festival in Dublin.  There’s lots of stuff you should go check out.  I will be performing a (very) small part in the stage play about Pete Best on Sunday.

Upcoming gigs!  Come say hello!