4 June 2015

Well, I’ve apparently exhausted the gigs in Dublin, because I’ll be doing some decent road trips in the next few weeks – first 240 km north to Donegal, and then 170km south to Waterford.  That’s about as far as you can go in Ireland while still being in Ireland.  I’m also doing a slot in Belfast, which will be my first ever gig in Northern Ireland.  I only need a gig in Wales to complete the set.

Upcoming Gigs


Ronan and I are continuing to crank out the NBA Podcasts over at The Trash Brothers (click here to follow us on Twitter!).  Also, I edited the clip referenced below (where I try to figure out which Twin Peaks character matches with which NBA player) and added visuals to put it up on YouTube.  It’s not just Grantland that rocks the esoteric pop culture references!