Basketball Podcast!

Hi all,

Good news!  I have a podcast with Ronan Grace!  It’s about professional basketball!  Check out the page,  Follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page to stay current!

Me, I’m off to London this weekend, for the Old Comedian of the Year competition.  I look forward to being one of the young guys in the room again.

Upcoming Gigs:

April 14 2015: Upcoming Gigs

Great weekend of gigs in the Laughter Lounge last weekend – thanks very much to the audience, especially to those friendly folk who reached out on Twitter after the show.

Upcoming Gigs:

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(Note: No, I don’t work for twitter.  I just think it’s a good way to stay on top of where people will be.  I know nobody visits websites anymore, and I think we can all agree that Facebook invitations get roundly ignored these days.)