Republic of Telly, Rubberbandits, Apocalypse, 2014 gigs so far

Well, I wrote a nice 2013 year-end wrap-up on the 4th of December, and therefore missed including a milestone of sorts: my Irish television debut.  I appeared in the RubberBandits music video “Boyzone”, which was broadcast on RTE2’s Republic of Telly on December 9.  So there: a television credit.  Bosh.

January’s been good to me already.  I had a weekend in the International, which is always a pleasure.  I also had my first gig in Al Porter’s Rammed in the Woolshed; Elanor Tiernon, Fred Cooke, and Eric Lalor were there as well.  ‘Twas a brilliant gig to be sure to be sure.

I’m continuing to support the fantastic Tom O’Mahony in his “Bring On The Apocalypse” show, which sold out in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght on 11 of January and is moving to Clonmel in February.  That’s two new Irish counties for me in two weeks; on Feb 1 I’ll be appearing at the City Limits Comedy Club in Cork.  Between Cork and Tipperary, you’ve got one hell of a hurling match right there.

The Irish Comedy Underground’s CD is now available for digital purchase!

As always, you can follow comedian Jim Elliott on Twitter!  (SEO tip #1: the proper place for redundant exposition is in the hyperlink!)  I might tweet about a show in between re-tweeting other people’s poop jokes that I enjoy.

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