Upcoming Gigs: International, Domestic, Panel Shows, and Podcasts.

Nothing makes a comedian happier than looking at his calendar and seeing a bunch of cool gigs coming up.  Here’s my highlights for the next little while, grouped geographically:

London, England:

Tuesday March 12: The Comedy Pit in Belham
Tuesday March 26: The Laughing Horse at the Dogstar pub in Brixton
Wednesday, March 27: The Comedy Cafe in central London

The Laughing Horse gig is the quarterfinals of their New Act of the Year competition.  Fingers crossed I’ll make it through to the semis.  The Comedy Pit and Comedy Cafe gigs are open spots; I’m hoping to do well enough at these to get some paid work. Want to know what I like most about the Comedy Cafe?  This line right here: “PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT STAG OR HEN PARTIES.”

California, USA:

April 11 – 14: Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale, California
Last year, when I was in San Jose for the day job, I was lucky enough to get on the new act open mike at Rooster’s.  On the back of that I’m opening a full weekend slate of shows for Don McMillan. Five shows, Thursday through Sunday.  Super excited for these.

Dublin, Ireland:

International (the bar and comedy club, not the political concept):

  • Tuesday night March 5th: I’m on Andrew Stanley’s “Talk Talk” chat show.
  • Saturday the 9th I’m hosting the late show.
  • Sunday the 10th I’m gigging at the International’s Sunday Night Show.
  • Wednesday the 20th I’m gigging at the Comedy Cellar – the Inter’s Wednesday night show that recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, not the one in NYC that had Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle at the same time.

“Talk Talk” is a great live panel show that is then edited down for podcast consumption; you can download all their episodes here; my previous episode with fellow panelists Will Lynch, Fred Cooke, and Rob Stears can be found here.  I mean, what you should really do is subscribe on iTunes, and preferably rate and comment, but whatever, I’m not your boss.

Laughter Lounge
Friday & Saturday, March 22 & 23: Opening for the UK’s outstanding John Moloney; John Colleary and Keith Farnan are on the bill as well. (Jesus, spot the amateur on this lineup, huh? Those dudes are all giants.)

Trinity College
Tuesday, March19: €2 Comedy Night in the Pavilion. Student gig! Break out the cheap booze and abysmal future job prospects!

Bad Ass Comedy Cafe
Friday, March 15: kicking of Paddy’s Day weekend with a gig in Temple Bar.  This one might get messy.

The Comedy Crunch at the Stag’s Head
Monday March 25.  I love this place.

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Clubs: Comedy Cafe in London, Dublin’s International Comedy Club, California’s Rooster T Feathers, London’s Laughing Horse Comedy, (or use #newactcomp to follow their comedy competition updates), the Bad Ass Comedy Cafe, the Comedy Crunch, and Trinity College’s Comedy Society.

Comics: Andrew Stanley, Keith FarnanJohn MoloneyWill LynchFred CookeRob Stears.  Follow me, too, while you’re at it.