February: Pete Best and Newstalk FM

I’m stepping out of the stand-up comedy box a little bit this month.

A lil’ bit of Acting:

Running from  8 Feb until 13 Feb, I have a small part in this play: Pete Best of the Beatles.  You can buy tickets at that link; it’s playing at the New Theatre in Temple bar and kicks off at 7:30.  Here’s a quick blurb:

 Pete Best was drummer with The Beatles for two years in the early 1960s. He played hundreds of shows with John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison – and then was mysteriously kicked out of the band a few short weeks before they released their debut single and went on to take over the world. This new play examines the mystery of Pete’s firing from the greatest rock ’n’ roll group of all time – and it presents a fascinating insight into the early days of The Beatles and their wild nights in Liverpool and Hamburg. And if you think you know The Beatles – you’re wrong! Don’t miss this show.

PETE BEST OF THE BEATLES is Stephen Kennedy’s follow-up play to JOHN LENNON’S LAST DAY which had sold-out runs in Dublin, Belfast and Berlin – as well as being broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in October 2015. Stephen also wrote DEATH AND THE BEATLES FAN and LENNON v McCARTNEY. The latter play was performed a number of times on the Adelphi’s main stage at Liverpool’s International Beatleweek and went on to be made into a short film by Eddie Jackson.

A lil’ bit of radio:

If you listen to Newstalk FM’s breakfast show and you think you heard my voice, I have good news: you did.  You’re not crazy.

I’m recording a few segments about the Irish General Election.  You can listen back to the first one here – fast forward to the last five minutes.  I’ll be appearing every Friday from now until the election, whenever that is.  I should probably find out.


Upcoming Gigs:

  • 8-13 February: Pete Best of The Beatles, Yapperhead Theatre Company, The New Theatre, Dublin
  • 17 February: MC, Laugh Out Loud @ Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin
  • 25, 26, 27 February: The International Comedy Club, The International Bar, Dublin
  • 28 February: (headline set) The Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 2 March: MC, Laugh Out Loud @ Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin
  • 9 March: MC, Laugh Out Loud @ Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin
  • 15 March: The Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 23 March: Headline Set, Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin
  • 29 March: Empire Comedy Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 31 March, 1 April, 2 April; The Laughter Lounge, Eden Quay, Dublin
  • 25 April: Red Raw @ The Stand, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 26 April: Red Raw @ The Stand, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 27 April: Red Raw @ The Stand, Newcastle, England

January 2016: New year, new me.

Well, not really “new me”, but I did get a haircut.

I’m excited about 2016 stuff already.  In February I’ll be dusting off the acting chops.  I have a small (really quite small) part in Stephen Kennedy’s play “Pete Best of the Beatles”, which will have a week-long run at the New Theatre.  In March I’ll be back at the Empire Comedy Club in Belfast, which is a beautiful room.  Then in April I’m booked for the new act nights in the legendary Stand nightclubs- Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Newcastle.

Gig list for 2016 so far:

If you’re looking at this page, you’re a comedy fan – so follow these lovely clubs on Twitter, and stay informed as to who they’ve got going up!  The Laughter Lounge, the International Comedy Club, the Empire Comedy Club, the Comedy Crunch, the Roisin Dubh, and the Pop The Cherry crew!

December 2015

November was pretty busy for me; the highlights were the usual fantastic weekend at the Laughter Lounge (featuring a guest spot by the hilarious and hopefully-coming-to-Dublin-more-often-in-future Jim Campbell) and capped off by a wonderful gig in North Country Dublin where I got to support Ardal O’Hanlon:From left to right, it goes in ascending order of "How Happy Are You To Be In This Picture"


I also like the thought process on the poster.  “OK, we got a photo of the host, and a photo of the headliner; one photo slot left, and one more act on the bill… let’s go with another, older photo of the headliner.

It's a small picture because it's far away.

Anyway, it’s the full-on run-up to Christmas.  Keep the booze close and the Solpadine closer.


Only a few more chances to see me in 2015.  Come on out!

  • 2 December: LOL @ Anseo, Camden St, Dublin (headline set)
  • 15 December: The Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head Pub, Dublin (headline set)
  • 16 December: Comedy Crunch Christmas Extravaganza, The International Comedy Club, Dublin
  • 18 December: The Dolmen Theatre, Cornelscourt, Dublin 18, presented by ComedyEvents Ireland (follow them on twitter)


I’m still writing stuff on Twitter that’s too surreal* to do on stage – follow me there and don’t miss out on the GOLD**:






**not gold


November 2015: Ten Years In.

So every once in a while people ask me how long I’ve been doing comedy, and my standard answer for a few years has been, “I don’t know, six, eight years?”  Last week it struck me that I went down to my first open mic ever in November of 2005, so I’ve officially been at this for a full decade.  I’m as shocked as you are.

In honor of the occasion, I dug up the MySpace blog archive that they emailed me when they deleted all their blogs.  This is the blog I published to MySpace nine years ago, to celebrate a year of performing at open mic nights:

"He's been doing this for ten years?  You'd think he'd be funnier."

(I also appear to be pretty excited that my MySpace blog has had 2,000 hits.  Pretty generous of MySpace to call ‘pageviews’ ‘readers’.)

Anyway, back to the present: This weekend is the wonderful Beatles Festival in Dublin.  There’s lots of stuff you should go check out.  I will be performing a (very) small part in the stage play about Pete Best on Sunday.

Upcoming gigs!  Come say hello!

October 2015

Hello everybody,

I Had a great time down at Trinity for a few of their Fresher’s Week gigs.  You wouldn’t believe how young a ‘fresher’ is these days.

Are you on the Twitter?  I’m on the Twitter.  Follow me on the Twitter.


Upcoming gigs!

  • 5 October, Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 6 October, Headline set, Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 7 October, MC, Laugh Out Loud, Anseo, Dublin
  • 13 October, Empire Comedy Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 15 October, Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 16 October, Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 17 October, Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 21 October, MC, Laugh Out Loud, Anseo, Dublin
  • 28 October, MC, Laugh Out Loud, Anseo, Dublin
  • 1 November, UnHinged Comedy, Ha’Penny Bridge Inn, Dublin
  • 8 November, Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 19 November, Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 20 November, Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 21 November, Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 21 November, Santa Strike Force Comedy Fundraiser, Cassidy’s, Dublin
  • 23 November, Headline set, Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 25 November, Laugh Out Loud, Anseo, Dublin

August 2015

Well, I was lucky enough to get to perform at some unbelievable festivals this summer – Longitude and the Vodafone Comedy Festival.  Lots of love and appreciation to Danny Dowling, Colm O’Regan, and Barry Murphy who put me on their shows.

I was also lucky enough to get to participate in the Nighthawks event at the Another Love Story festival, reading an excerpt from Stephen Kennedy’s brilliant play “John Lennon’s Last Day“.  This play was recently optioned by BBC Radio, which is only what a talent like Stephen deserves.  He’s the dude behind the wonderful Nighthawks At The Cobalt series and the Dublin Beatles Festival, and this city is lucky to have a guy like him.

September looks like a lot of fun – I’ve got a spell at the Laughter Lounge, which is always a treat, and I’ve been invited to perform at the Trinity College Law Society Debate, which is a thing that I am greatly looking forward to, because I do not completely understand what it is.

Upcoming dates:

  • 31 August: Al Porter’s Comedy Shed, The Woolshed Bar, Parnell Street, Dublin.
  • 9 September: LOL @ Anseo (headline set), Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin
  • 10 September, Laughter Lounge, Eden Quay, Dublin
  • 11 September, Laughter Lounge, Eden Quay, Dublin
  • 12 September, Laughter Lounge, Eden Quay, Dublin
  • 16 September, Anseo, MC
  • 21 September, Trinity Comedy Society Fresher’s Gig, Chaplin’s Bar, Dublin
  • 22 September, Trinity College Law Society Comedy Debate, Dublin
  • 6 October, Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 13 October, Empire Comedy Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 8 November, Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin
  • 23 November, Headline set, Comedy Crunch, Stag’s Head, Dublin

vodafone stagevodafone backstage 2


People to follow on Twitter: Me (duh), the Laughter Lounge, the Comedy Crunch

July 2015

A couple of cracking gigs in Donegal and Waterford last month; back in Dublin this month for festival gigs!  I’m playing on the Sunday of the Longitude Festival.  If you get to play a festival on the last day, be sure to bring toilet paper.  Even if you don’t use it you can barter it for booze.

Upcoming Gigs

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4 June 2015

Well, I’ve apparently exhausted the gigs in Dublin, because I’ll be doing some decent road trips in the next few weeks – first 240 km north to Donegal, and then 170km south to Waterford.  That’s about as far as you can go in Ireland while still being in Ireland.  I’m also doing a slot in Belfast, which will be my first ever gig in Northern Ireland.  I only need a gig in Wales to complete the set.

Upcoming Gigs


Ronan and I are continuing to crank out the NBA Podcasts over at The Trash Brothers (click here to follow us on Twitter!).  Also, I edited the clip referenced below (where I try to figure out which Twin Peaks character matches with which NBA player) and added visuals to put it up on YouTube.  It’s not just Grantland that rocks the esoteric pop culture references!


Does anyone remember Twin Peaks?

Well, I’m watching Twin Peaks.  I’m halfway through Season 2 and I can’t stop thinking about it.  So much so that in the latest episode of my NBA Playoffs Podcast, I pick which players are which characters from Twin Peaks.  (Spoiler: LeBron James and JR Smith are Ben Horne and Jerry Horne.  Ben’s the town big shot, rich, powerful, pulling puppet strings all over town, but his plans might not work out as he hopes; Jerry is his emotionally unhinged brother. (Also: Jerry Horne is played by the same actor as the famously lied-to Sully from Commando!  How do you not love this stuff?))  Follow @TheTrashBros on Twitter for basketball-related hijinks:



Upcoming Gigs



Basketball Podcast!

Hi all,

Good news!  I have a podcast with Ronan Grace!  It’s about professional basketball!  Check out the page,  Follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page to stay current!

Me, I’m off to London this weekend, for the Old Comedian of the Year competition.  I look forward to being one of the young guys in the room again.

Upcoming Gigs: