Onward into 2018!

OK, welcome, and 2018 is going to rock. It’ll be better than 2017 by virtue of not being 2017.

However, there were a few things that I was delighted with:

  • Roast Battle Dublin: The hilarious and acerbic Ryan Cullen and I set this night up, hosted, and participated in four fantastic sold-out nights. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s going.  We’re back in 2018, people.  Next one is April 5th in Whelan’s. Come check us out!
  • Newstalk FM: These lovely people keep having me back on the odd Friday to talk about the stories of the week.  I have a lot of fun there.  Here’s a clip of me talking about Hugh Hefner’s contribution to comedy (featuring Dick Gregory).  Or skip to 11:45 in this clip to listen to Senator David Norris tell me I’m too American.

See you out there, folks!  Come stalk me on Twitter and Facebook.

Spring 2017: Roast Battle and Beaten Frogs!

March highlights!

I journeyed over to England to partake in my first ever Gong format shows; after lasting less than a minute at the Comedy Store London (MAN they didn’t enjoy me), I then lasted the whole five minutes at the Comedy Store Manchester before losing the clap-off, and finally winning the whole shebang at Beat The Frog at the Frog and Bucket in Manchester.  I’d never before performed in Manchester and I look forward to going back.


That frog mask smelled awful. I didn't have the courage to put it on.

Beat the Frog winner.


On March 23, Ryan Cullen and I launched Ireland’s first Comedy Roast Battle.  The night was a great success with some brutal battles and a wonderful crowd.  We’ll be making a series of these and are already organizing the next one – like the Facebook page to stay up to date!  We’ll be posting the video highlights on that page as well.  (What’s a roast battle, you say?  Read on!)


Roast Battle Dublin

Onward to 2017!

2016 was a damn good year. Don’t listen to them.  Tons of cool stuff happened, you just have to stop and remember.

Me, I’m professionally very thankful for the places I was able to gig in 2016.  Internationally, the highlights were the Stockholm Comedy Club, the Stand clubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Newcastle; the Komedia in Brighton, the consistently lovely Empire in Belfast, and the truly excellent Cole’s in Chicago.

In Ireland, I got to be a part of the Vodafone comedy festivals in Dublin and Galway; I got to MC a tent at the Longitude Festival (and wound up bringing a cop up on stage (!)) and a quick spot at the Forbidden Fruit festival (where I felt like an ooooold man). I was honored to be the Dublin host of the greatest political comedy debate of all time, Trump vs Bernie**.

And then of course there are the wonderful comedy clubs of Dublin that keep allowing me onstage – the Laughter Lounge, the Comedy Crunch, Anseo, the International, and everywhere else: I can’t thank you enough.  I’m going to keep trying to get better and hopefully we’ll all laugh and drink whiskey and fall asleep content.


**totally universally meaningless thing that I got a HUGE kick out of: the Trump VS Bernie Twitter account made up a series of #ff tweets with all the hosts they’ve had.  I’m in an #ff tweet with Howard Stern, Andy Kindler, Obama speechwriter John Favreau, and Mark Hamill.  How cool is that?  Come on!2016-trumpvsbernie-ff





November 2016

Hey all,

I had a great time last weekend down at the Galway Comedy Carnival – I got to share a bill with the legendary Tom Rhodes. Great stuff.

View post on imgur.com

I also got to do another Newstalk FM bit on the US Election – listen back to that here.  I’ll be hanging out with the Newstalk crew again on Friday, 11 November, talking about the post-election hangover that we have all well and truly earned.

Listings for November:

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September 2016: Vodafone Comedy Carnival announcement!

Hey err’body,

Delighted to announce I’ll be part of the Vodafone Comedy Carnival in Galway this year. I’m doing a couple sets there but none more exciting than Sunday night, where I’ll be supporting the brilliant Tom Rhodes (along with Joanne McNally and Danny O’Brien).

Before that I’ve a guest spot at the Komedia in Brighton – I’ve heard so many good things about this room, can’t wait to see it for myself.

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Upcoming Gigs:

  • 31 August: LOL @ Anseo, Camden St, Dublin
  • 2 September: Roisin Dubh Comedy Clubh, Galway, Ireland
  • 3 September: International Comedy Club, Dublin
  • 4 September: The Comedy Crunch, Dublin
  • 5 September: Pop The Cherry Comedy, Whelan’s, Dublin
  • 11 September: Not Quite Mass, Workman’s Club, Dublin
  • 20 September: Trinity College Law Society Debate, Dublin
  • 22 September: Komedia, Brighton, England
  • 26 September: The Comedy Crunch, Dublin
  • 4 October: The Comedy Crunch, Dublin
  • 14 October: Roisin Dubh Comedy Clubh, Galway, Ireland
  • 20-22 October: The Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 29-30 October: Vodafone Comedy Carnival, Galway, Ireland
  • 3-5 November:  The Laughter Lounge, Dublin
  • 10-12 November: International Comedy Club, Dublin
  • 14 November: The Laughter Shed, The Woolshed Bar & Grill, Dublin
  • 18-19 November: Chaplin’s Comedy Club, Dublin

2 August, 2016: Dublin Festivals, Scandinavian dates, and more radio stuff

Hey everyone!

Wow, July was fun.  At Longitude festival I got a cop to come up on the stage, and at the Vodafone Comedy Festival I got to see my name on a Ticketmaster ticket for the first time:

vodafone ticket


…which I get isn’t a big deal, but I got a kick out of it.

I’m also back doing political coverage for Newstalk FM: here’s a link to my bits on the Republican and the Democratic conventions.


Now for a week of gigs in Dublin before I hit the road for some combo vacation / work travel.  I’ll be performing for the first time in Iceland and Sweden.  Follow me on twitter and like my Facebook page to stay up to date!

Happy 4th of July!

And in keeping with the patriotic spirit, I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be moderating Trump V Bernie when they hit Dublin on Thursday!  Get your tickets here, and follow them on Twitter (as well as the creators, James Adomian and Anthony Atamanuik!) (“What’s Trump V Bernie”, you ask?  Why not read the review in the LA Times?)

Hope to see you out there!  Follow me on Twitter and click Like on Facebook for more – especially the latter; I’ve been throwing up topical clips there from time to time; here’s one on the Irish Football fans and one on Brexit).

Upcoming Gigs

  • 5 July: MC, Empire Comedy Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 15 July: Longitude Festival, Marlay Park, Dublin  (Check it out; I’m on the same “Artist Lineup” page as Kendrick Lamar, Killer Mike, and The National.  Hilarious.)
  • 16 July: Longitude Festival, Marlay Park, Dublin
  • 17 July: Longitude Festival, Marlay Park, Dublin
  • 25 July: Comedy Shed, Dublin
  • 30 July: Vodafone Comedy Festival, Dublin – Laughter Lab
  • 31 July: Vodafone Comedy Festival, Dublin (with Elanor Tiernan, David O’Doherty, Chris Gethard, and Kate Berlant – Tickets!)
  • 3 August: UnHinged Comedy Club, Ha’Penny Bridge Inn, Dublin
  • 5 August: Chaplin’s Comedy Club, Dublin
  • 6 August: Chaplin’s Comedy Club, Dublin
  • 8 August: GoldenGang Comedy, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 22 September: Komedia, Brighton, England

18 May 2016: Summer Festivals! More Basketball!

Hey everybody!

April was wonderful.  I had a brilliant run at the Stand chain in the UK (here’s a clip from that) and last week found myself in some cool open mikes in Chicago (clip).  The next month is solidly Irish: the best clubs in Dublin (the Laughter Lounge, the Comedy Crunch, Anseo, the Woolshed) and some festivals as well (Cat Laughs in Kilkenny and Longitude in Dublin).

Reminder: if you’re an NBA fanatic like me, Ronan and I have fired up our NBA Playoffs Podcast.  Subscribe on iTunes.

Upcoming gigs:


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22 April: Scotland, England, and the NBA Playoffs

Oh MAN I am pumped for this week.  I’m doubling up on Sunday night before heading to Edinburgh for the Stand’s Red Raw tour.  It’ll be my first time performing in Glasgow and Newcastle; I haven’t gigged in Edinburgh since 2011, when I was there for the Amused Moose Laugh Off finals.

Also: Do you like the NBA? Well Ronan and I have fired up our NBA Playoffs Podcast.  Subscribe on iTunes.

Upcoming gigs:

March 29 2016

Hey everybody!

Even though the Irish election seems long ago, it’s worth noting that a) they still have not, as yet, established a government and b) I had an absolute blast doing some bits on it for Newstalk FM’s Breakfast Show.  You can hear all of the segments here, if you’re interested.  All I’m hoping for now is that they fail to form a government so that they have to have another election and I’ll get to repeat the gigs.  That’s right, I’m rooting for a temporary failure of the proportional representation election model to further my own opportunities, just like any good capitalist would.

I have a really cool slate of gigs lined up for April; hope to see you out there.

Also: I have a Facebook page now – why don’t you give that a ‘like’?   It’s where I’ll be posting gig updates and small video clips.  It’s inspiringly named Jim Elliott – Comedian.


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