January 2014:

I hope we all had a good Christmas and New Year’s!  If you were paying close attention to Irish Twitter, you may have seen me in Episode 3 of Diarmuid O’Brien‘s excellent Paddy Angryman web series. You may have even heard my voice in the last three seconds of this Coors Light commercial.

Gig-wise, I had a blast hosting the Boards.ie Comedy Carnival, and a Vine I made taking the piss out of the Late Late Toy Show got linked in DailyEdge’s Most Wonderful Moments Toy Show wrap-up.  That’s about all I can remember of December through the whiskey-scented holiday fog.  Every year the holiday season is a battle between my id and my liver, and this year the competition was closer than most years.

Onwards to 2015!

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September Rose

So I was lucky enough to have a weekend in the Laughter Lounge just before one of my absolute favorite things, the Rose of Tralee.  I took the opportunity to try to be a Topical Comedian™ for a few minutes; and Kevin at the Lounge was good enough to record the bit for me.  I tweeted it during the show and the good people over at Joe.ie posted it on their page. I have to say that I had no idea how popular Joe.ie is; the amount of people who stopped me over the next few days to say they saw it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  Thanks again to Tony and everyone at Joe.ie

Upcoming Gigs:

July 2014: New Zealand Tour* Dates!

*Yes, it’s a tour. Any trip with more than one gig before you get home to your own bed counts as a tour. Pretty sure Mark Twain said that, you guys.

Thanks in large part to the kindness of Alan Hurley and Scott Banks and Nikolas Bruce-Smith, I’m now On Tour in New Zealand, gigging in Auckland and Wellington. I’m going to do my best to give a good accounting of the Dublin comedy scene.

I’ll be back in Dublin in the second week of August to hit a great run of my favorite Dublin rooms- the Crunch, Anseo, the ‘Shed, and a weekend featuring at the Laughter Lounge. How lucky can a guy get?

June 2014: Festivals!

Summertime in Ireland means one thing: disappointing weather.  Well actually it means two things: disappointing weather and festivals.  I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to two of the latter.

This weekend I’ll be performing on Friday and Saturday at the Body and Soul festival.  I’ll be sharing the stage with Colin Chadwick, Conor O’Toole, and Allison Spittle, all of whom are so talented that they make me feel like an old hack, but I’m driving, so they will have to keep quiet about it.

I was truly honored to have been invited to take place in the Kilkenny Cat Laughs festival in June.  I was as giddy as a schoolgirl and I took a million pictures of the program and the running order and anything with my name on it but I’ll only post this one:

Hey, that's my name!

Did you know Smithwick’s is from Kilkenny?

Upcoming Gigs

May 14 Update

This month, I’ve made the finals of a comedy competition; at stake is a slot at the Comedy Tent at the Forbidden Fruit Festival.  Wish me luck.

I’m also doing a weekend at the Laughter Lounge; the headliners are the always amazing Foil, Arms, and Hog.

After that, from the first of July I’m going on a giant holiday until the middle of August.  No gigs in that time frame unless I can talk myself into some slots in New Zealand.

10 April Update

I had a fantastic weekend at the Laughter Lounge last weekend.  It was great to work with Jarlath Regan again; I hadn’t seen him since he moved to London (and started dominating the podcast charts).  Al Porter tore through that place like a hurricane.

This weekend I’m in Cork, as so kindly reported by the Cork Independent. very much looking forward to this show.  On Wednesday 23 April I’ll be on RTE Ratio 1’s Arena show to pimp the Irish Comedy Underground CD – which, by the way, is now available for purchase in MP3 format on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.  If you want the physical CD, just click here.

Upcoming Gigs:

07 March 2014

Well, it turns out there’s a kicking English-language comedy scene in Berlin.  Who knew?  I had a great time at the MadHaus and highly recommend checking them out; in fact, I confidently recommend anything Neil runs – if you’re in Berlin, check these events out.
Upcoming gigs:


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How do you say “Voicebank” in German?

Two quick updates:

First, I’m delighted to say that I’ve got my first professional representation.  For voice over work, I’m now represented by the good people over at Voicebank.  Delighted to be a part of that class outfit.

Second, I’m going to have my first ever gig in Germany next week – at whatever this open mike is.  Really looking forward to it.

Gig calendar:

Republic of Telly, Rubberbandits, Apocalypse, 2014 gigs so far

Well, I wrote a nice 2013 year-end wrap-up on the 4th of December, and therefore missed including a milestone of sorts: my Irish television debut.  I appeared in the RubberBandits music video “Boyzone”, which was broadcast on RTE2’s Republic of Telly on December 9.  So there: a television credit.  Bosh.

January’s been good to me already.  I had a weekend in the International, which is always a pleasure.  I also had my first gig in Al Porter’s Rammed in the Woolshed; Elanor Tiernon, Fred Cooke, and Eric Lalor were there as well.  ‘Twas a brilliant gig to be sure to be sure.

I’m continuing to support the fantastic Tom O’Mahony in his “Bring On The Apocalypse” show, which sold out in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght on 11 of January and is moving to Clonmel in February.  That’s two new Irish counties for me in two weeks; on Feb 1 I’ll be appearing at the City Limits Comedy Club in Cork.  Between Cork and Tipperary, you’ve got one hell of a hurling match right there.

The Irish Comedy Underground’s CD is now available for digital purchase!

As always, you can follow comedian Jim Elliott on Twitter!  (SEO tip #1: the proper place for redundant exposition is in the hyperlink!)  I might tweet about a show in between re-tweeting other people’s poop jokes that I enjoy.

Upcoming Gigs:

Hey 2013, turn off the lights when you leave.

Well, November was fantastic.  I had a brilliant weekend of gigs opening for Karl Spain at the Laughter Lounge in Dublin.  I got over to London for a slot at the Comedy Cafe Theatre’s New Act night and was lucky enough to snag a spot at the BackYard Comedy Club the next day.

I also put on a gig for a cause that is near and dear to my heart: being the Saturday night entertainment for an ultimate frisbee tournament.  Marcus O Laoire and Tom O’Mahony were good enough to perform as well, and we had a blast performing to a great group of teams in the Duke pub in Dublin.  On a side note, my team went on to win the tournament the next day, despite (or perhaps because) I was only available for the quarterfinal match on Sunday morning.  G’wan Mixed Veg!

Just two more gigs in 2013 for me.  On Monday the 16th of December I’ll be in the Stag’s Head at The Comedy Crunch.  Always a great night; be sure to follow them on Twitter to stay ahead of upcoming gigs.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be asked to appear in the New Act Final of the Comedy Cafe  Theatre in London.  I’ve been on two of their Wednesday-night New Act nights this year, and those shows are always a blast; house MC Jimmy James Jones turns good crowds into great ones.  It’s a wonderful platform for new comics in London; highly recommended.  Really looking forward to the final; I don’t think I’ve much of a chance of winning, but hopefully I’ll do well enough to secure a gig or two there in 2014.  Fingers crossed.

Looking for the Christmas gift for the comedy fan who has everything?  Well I can guarantee he doesn’t have this: The Irish Comedy Underground CD.  10 of the best Irish up-and-coming comedians for only €10.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – here’s where you can catch me in January: