10 April Update

I had a fantastic weekend at the Laughter Lounge last weekend.  It was great to work with Jarlath Regan again; I hadn’t seen him since he moved to London (and started dominating the podcast charts).  Al Porter tore through that place like a hurricane.

This weekend I’m in Cork, as so kindly reported by the Cork Independent. very much looking forward to this show.  On Wednesday 23 April I’ll be on RTE Ratio 1′s Arena show to pimp the Irish Comedy Underground CD – which, by the way, is now available for purchase in MP3 format on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.  If you want the physical CD, just click here.

Upcoming Gigs:

07 March 2014

Well, it turns out there’s a kicking English-language comedy scene in Berlin.  Who knew?  I had a great time at the MadHaus and highly recommend checking them out; in fact, I confidently recommend anything Neil runs – if you’re in Berlin, check these events out.
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How do you say “Voicebank” in German?

Two quick updates:

First, I’m delighted to say that I’ve got my first professional representation.  For voice over work, I’m now represented by the good people over at Voicebank.  Delighted to be a part of that class outfit.

Second, I’m going to have my first ever gig in Germany next week – at whatever this open mike is.  Really looking forward to it.

Gig calendar:

Republic of Telly, Rubberbandits, Apocalypse, 2014 gigs so far

Well, I wrote a nice 2013 year-end wrap-up on the 4th of December, and therefore missed including a milestone of sorts: my Irish television debut.  I appeared in the RubberBandits music video “Boyzone”, which was broadcast on RTE2′s Republic of Telly on December 9.  So there: a television credit.  Bosh.

January’s been good to me already.  I had a weekend in the International, which is always a pleasure.  I also had my first gig in Al Porter’s Rammed in the Woolshed; Elanor Tiernon, Fred Cooke, and Eric Lalor were there as well.  ’Twas a brilliant gig to be sure to be sure.

I’m continuing to support the fantastic Tom O’Mahony in his “Bring On The Apocalypse” show, which sold out in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght on 11 of January and is moving to Clonmel in February.  That’s two new Irish counties for me in two weeks; on Feb 1 I’ll be appearing at the City Limits Comedy Club in Cork.  Between Cork and Tipperary, you’ve got one hell of a hurling match right there.

The Irish Comedy Underground’s CD is now available for digital purchase!

As always, you can follow comedian Jim Elliott on Twitter!  (SEO tip #1: the proper place for redundant exposition is in the hyperlink!)  I might tweet about a show in between re-tweeting other people’s poop jokes that I enjoy.

Upcoming Gigs:

Hey 2013, turn off the lights when you leave.

Well, November was fantastic.  I had a brilliant weekend of gigs opening for Karl Spain at the Laughter Lounge in Dublin.  I got over to London for a slot at the Comedy Cafe Theatre’s New Act night and was lucky enough to snag a spot at the BackYard Comedy Club the next day.

I also put on a gig for a cause that is near and dear to my heart: being the Saturday night entertainment for an ultimate frisbee tournament.  Marcus O Laoire and Tom O’Mahony were good enough to perform as well, and we had a blast performing to a great group of teams in the Duke pub in Dublin.  On a side note, my team went on to win the tournament the next day, despite (or perhaps because) I was only available for the quarterfinal match on Sunday morning.  G’wan Mixed Veg!

Just two more gigs in 2013 for me.  On Monday the 16th of December I’ll be in the Stag’s Head at The Comedy Crunch.  Always a great night; be sure to follow them on Twitter to stay ahead of upcoming gigs.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be asked to appear in the New Act Final of the Comedy Cafe  Theatre in London.  I’ve been on two of their Wednesday-night New Act nights this year, and those shows are always a blast; house MC Jimmy James Jones turns good crowds into great ones.  It’s a wonderful platform for new comics in London; highly recommended.  Really looking forward to the final; I don’t think I’ve much of a chance of winning, but hopefully I’ll do well enough to secure a gig or two there in 2014.  Fingers crossed.

Looking for the Christmas gift for the comedy fan who has everything?  Well I can guarantee he doesn’t have this: The Irish Comedy Underground CD.  10 of the best Irish up-and-coming comedians for only €10.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – here’s where you can catch me in January:

CD Launch!

Big news!  That CD that we recorded earlier this year?  It’s now for sale.  Check the Irish Comedy Underground website for purchasing information; follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Supplies of the CD are very limited, so if you’re looking for the gift for the comedy fan who has everything, I can guarantee he doesn’t have a copy of this.

Dublin’s Web Summit was last week.  They had seen our Too Many Apps sketch and liked it, so we made a few more sketches to mark the occasion.  Watch them here.  The WebSummit team were good enough to give us passes to the event in exchange for these, for which we at Pork Street are eternally grateful.

Last week I had the immense good fortune to support PJ Gallagher in Sligo, at an event hosted by the multi-talented Eric Lalor (you should watch Eric’s pilot, The Commute!)  They were an unbelievable crowd.  Thorsten Kahlert was on hand to take pictures for the evening and was good enough to provide me with a few snaps, one of which is now the headline picture on this very site.  He’s a good man, and thorough.

Here are my upcoming gigs for the next while; the one I’m most excited about is providing support to my good friend Tom O’Mahony in his solo show in Tallaght.  Tom was in Ireland’s biggest TV comedy success of 2013, Damo and Ivor, and I’m really excited to see what he has cooking for his new solo show, “Bring On The Apocalypse“.

More gigs and something new: Sketches with Pork Street!

Coming up I’m headlining the Comedy Crunch(20 October), supporting PJ Gallagher in Sligo (8 November), gigging in the Comedy Cafe in London (13 November), and working a weekend at the Laughter Lounge (21-23 November).  I can’t even tell you how much I love all of these rooms.  Well, except for the Sligo one; I’ve never been there before.  But I assure you that room will be lovely as well.

So I’m in this comedy writing group.  We make sketches.  Here’s our YouTube channel and a couple of my favorites.  Follow us on twitter.

Too Many Apps For That

Corporate Employee Kung Fu #1

Corporate Employee Kung Fu #2

June 2013 Update: Solo Show at 10 Days In Dublin!

Big news: I’m performing my first ever solo show in July as part of the fantastic 10 Days In Dublin festival.  7:30 PM on the 9th of July in The Vintage Room of The Workman’s Club.  It’s only €5 and you can book your tickets right here.

I broke the news on Dublin City FM’s “Comedy Corner” show on Thursday, June 3rd.  That’s an excellent program – be sure to tune in every Thursday at 3; you can follow them on Twitter at @ComedyCornerDub and I’m told the episode will be available for streaming soon.

Upcoming shows:

New clubs, old clubs

OK, so last month was amazing, obviously.  I passed the quarterfinals in a competition in England; I had a week’s worth of gigs at Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale, California, and had a lovely spot at the Comedy Cafe in London.  Felt like a rock star.  Which I’m not, but it’s nice to pretend.

So this month it’s a bit different.  I’m doing some acting (a very small bit) with the wonderful Beatles Show in the Odessa.  A fantastic show, especially if you’re into the Beatles.  Three one-act plays about the Beatles bracketed on both sides by a kick-ass band playing Beatles tunes; the band is joined by the incredibly talented Vyvienne Long at the end of the show.  Click here for tickets.

I’m working two of the newest comedy nights in Dublin this month, HaHa Black Sheep in the Black Sheep Bar on Capel St (FB link), as well as Taking Liberties in Arthur’s Pub on Thomas Street.

Also, I’m lucky enough to be working some of the best gigs in Dublin – the Comedy Crunch, Andrew Stanley’s panel show and podcast Talk Talk, and the classic International Comedy Club.

Finally, I’m through to the semi-finals of the New Act Of The Year competition run by the Laughing Horse Comedy Club.  Fingers crossed I make the final; follow the competition on Twitter @lhcomedy or with the hashtag #newactcomp.


  • 27 April: The Beatles Show
  • 27 April: International Comedy Club
  • 28 April: The Beatles Show
  • 28 April: Headlining at the Comedy Crunch
  • 1 May: Talk Talk @ the International
  • 3 May: Taking Liberties
  • 9 May: Laughing Horse New Act Of The Year Semi-Finals @ The Dogstar Pub in Brixton, London
  • 25 May: Comedy at The Bankers
  • 26 May: The Comedy Crunch
  • 30 May: HaHa Black Sheep

Upcoming Gigs: International, Domestic, Panel Shows, and Podcasts.

Nothing makes a comedian happier than looking at his calendar and seeing a bunch of cool gigs coming up.  Here’s my highlights for the next little while, grouped geographically:

London, England:

Tuesday March 12: The Comedy Pit in Belham
Tuesday March 26: The Laughing Horse at the Dogstar pub in Brixton
Wednesday, March 27: The Comedy Cafe in central London

The Laughing Horse gig is the quarterfinals of their New Act of the Year competition.  Fingers crossed I’ll make it through to the semis.  The Comedy Pit and Comedy Cafe gigs are open spots; I’m hoping to do well enough at these to get some paid work. Want to know what I like most about the Comedy Cafe?  This line right here: “PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT STAG OR HEN PARTIES.”

California, USA:

April 11 – 14: Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale, California
Last year, when I was in San Jose for the day job, I was lucky enough to get on the new act open mike at Rooster’s.  On the back of that I’m opening a full weekend slate of shows for Don McMillan. Five shows, Thursday through Sunday.  Super excited for these.

Dublin, Ireland:

International (the bar and comedy club, not the political concept):

  • Tuesday night March 5th: I’m on Andrew Stanley’s “Talk Talk” chat show.
  • Saturday the 9th I’m hosting the late show.
  • Sunday the 10th I’m gigging at the International’s Sunday Night Show.
  • Wednesday the 20th I’m gigging at the Comedy Cellar – the Inter’s Wednesday night show that recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, not the one in NYC that had Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle at the same time.

“Talk Talk” is a great live panel show that is then edited down for podcast consumption; you can download all their episodes here; my previous episode with fellow panelists Will Lynch, Fred Cooke, and Rob Stears can be found here.  I mean, what you should really do is subscribe on iTunes, and preferably rate and comment, but whatever, I’m not your boss.

Laughter Lounge
Friday & Saturday, March 22 & 23: Opening for the UK’s outstanding John Moloney; John Colleary and Keith Farnan are on the bill as well. (Jesus, spot the amateur on this lineup, huh? Those dudes are all giants.)

Trinity College
Tuesday, March19: €2 Comedy Night in the Pavilion. Student gig! Break out the cheap booze and abysmal future job prospects!

Bad Ass Comedy Cafe
Friday, March 15: kicking of Paddy’s Day weekend with a gig in Temple Bar.  This one might get messy.

The Comedy Crunch at the Stag’s Head
Monday March 25.  I love this place.

Did you read this far?  Well why not reward yourself by following all of these fantastic clubs and funny people on Twitter?

Clubs: Comedy Cafe in London, Dublin’s International Comedy Club, California’s Rooster T Feathers, London’s Laughing Horse Comedy, (or use #newactcomp to follow their comedy competition updates), the Bad Ass Comedy Cafe, the Comedy Crunch, and Trinity College’s Comedy Society.

Comics: Andrew Stanley, Keith FarnanJohn MoloneyWill LynchFred CookeRob Stears.  Follow me, too, while you’re at it.